Welcome to this webpage dedicated to the 2016 round of cost-of-living surveys and containing a comprehensive set of information and materials required for the efficient conduct of the surveys. It includes procedural instructions, up-to-date survey schedules, as well as the survey data collection forms.

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All major players in the survey data collection process namely; local survey coordinators, staff representatives, administrative officers and professional staff of the United Nations common system, are invited to use the webpage as a source of relevant information at all the stages of the cost-of-living survey process.

Survey schedule: presents a schedule for proposed place-to-place surveys and housing surveys for the 2016 round of cost-of-living surveys

Survey documents: contains all necessary documents for the completion of the survey by the key players

FAQs: questions and answers on the post adjustment and place-to-place surveys in general, along with specific questions and answers about the practical aspects of the survey exercise